長崎県の「おおむら」と鹿児島県の「あまみ」は、海に囲まれ、「異文化と関わる」歴史を展開してきました。この度は、映画の上映と映像制作のワークショッ プが両地をつなぎます。おおむらでは、次代を担う国内外 9 カ国の学生監督が集結し、映像を通して知り合い、感じ、考え、意見を交わす新たな学びの場として、「国 際・学生・映画祭」を開催します。小・中・高・大学生に、学びを楽しむシニア学生も参加。映像制作における協働体験、作品鑑賞、作り手と観客の交流を 通した相互の文化理解は、土地に新たな風を吹かせます。故郷の魅力を見つめ直し国内外に発信する手立てとして、あるいは多様な背景を持つ者同士がコミュニ ケートするための「窓」として、映像・映画というメディアは細やかな役割を果たしてくれるでしょう。

"Omura" in Nagasaki Prefecture and "Amami" in Kagoshima Prefecture have been developing the history of "being involved with different cultures" surrounded by the sea. This time, the screening of the movie and the workshop of the movie production connect this two places. In Omura, student directors of nine countries from overseas, who will be responsible for the next generation, will gather and hold "International, Student, Film Festival" as a place for new learning to acquaint, feel, think, and exchange opinions through images. Not only elementary, junior high, and high school students, but also senior students who enjoys learning participate in . Mutual understanding of culture through collaborative experiences in video production, appreciation of works, exchange between creators and spectators will make the land blow the new wind. The media of video and movies will play a detailed role as a "window" for communicating among people with diverse backgrounds as a means of reconsidering the charm of their hometowns and sending them out to domestic and overseas.